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How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Development Platform for Your Organization?

How to Choose the Best eCommerce Development Platform for Your Organization?. Information as we know today is not siloed, but shared and analyzed. The customers are equipped with ample amount of information. Thus, the retailers are always looking for tools and ideas that they could use to cater to the evolving trends. The traditional brick and mortar sale was a preferred choice for a long time. It was, however, subdued by the emergence of eCommerce stores that provide a surplus of product information, options, and also woos the customers with discounts.

Now, thanks to the rapid adoption of mobile devices, the stores are now omnichannel that confide in digital technologies to pursue the potential buyers.

Choosing an eCommerce Development platform is one of the most challenging decision that the retailers face today. The challenge further increases with the plethora of choices available in the market today. From the custom applications to the hosted eCommerce software like Magento to Software as a Service platform, the choices are many. Thus, let us delve into some factors that would allow you to make the right choice.

1. Open Source vs. Proprietary
From a retailer point of view, an open source or closed propriety product might seem unrelatable. However, your choice of source affects the way you function.
Open source is a result of freelancing contributors who put freedom first. The codes are readily available and anyone can kick-start their project using it. Propriety software, on the other hand, is under the control of a single company. The development, maintenance, and deployment are all done by them.
You can leverage the expertise of an eCommerce development company in the USA and consult them to know what suits best for you.

2. SaaS or Hosted?

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The primary difference between a SaaS solution and the Hosted solution is in the method in which it is distributed. SaaS model bundles together the software, hosting, and the services. And in case of the hosted solution, the servers, support, and the bandwidth are provided by a third party.
You can partner up with an eCommerce development company in the USA that offers both, however, rely on those who also support and can scale your operation in the time of need.

One of the greatest innovations in the field of eCommerce is Magento. And the year 2018 is at the outset of verticalization of Magento platform. It is used to solve business problems by providing insights and helping the retailers to jump up their sales. Furthermore, the year 2018 is considered to be a watershed for the Magento as more and more retailers/industries are showing interest in it.

Magento enables a wide range of eCommerce features including marketing and promotion capabilities, search functionality, site management, custom themes and mobile-enabled interface. Furthermore, Magento also gives the option of premium and free extension.
The best way to proceed for any retailer is to take Magento and host it with the help of a specialized eCommerce web design and development company.

However, you should always assess your needs and browse through the features of various eCommerce solutions available in the market. And thereby make an informed decision. It is highly speculated that Magento will soon replace other eCommerce development platforms because of its flexible features. It is absolutely a standout technology in this volatile market. Although this technology is relatively young, its high-value platform can be adapted to cater to the need for comprehensive eCommerce domain. Ask your eCommerce web design and development company to embark on this eCommerce venture.